Terms & Conditions

Viptransfer is an airport / venue transfer service booked in advance. We provide services for individuals and small groups. We use a combination of taxis, limousines and minibuses.

Our vehicles and drivers are fully licenced by the Department of Transport.

Taxi service

- the amount agreed to be paid cannot be higher than the tariff charged by the taximeter and if the amount charged by the taximeter is higher - the customer will not be charged an additional fee (discount will be provided).

Limousine service

The chauffeur service must be prepaid.


Based on your proposed itinery, we will issue you with an estimate by email. In order to secure your booking we require 30% or full payment of the estimate. Any adjustments to the tour after the itinary is confirmed must be accepted by both sides and maybe subject to additional costs. These costs will be agreed with the client in advance. Payment can be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer. We will send a payment link or our bank account details. Payment via PayPal is possible on request.

All Credit Card Payments are processed securely via Stripe or SumUp.


Viptransfer accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to any luggage which is transported in the vehicle. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that any luggage stored in the Passenger Vehicle may move around during the journey and accordingly the Customer (and any Passengers) should take extra care when opening the luggage compartment of the Passenger Vehicle.

The transportation of luggage in a Passenger Vehicle shall be permitted in the absolute discretion of the Viptransfer. Passengers shall remain responsible at all times for their luggage and shall load and unload their own luggage. The Viptransfer Driver may assist the Customer with the loading and unloading of his/her luggage from the Passenger Vehicle, at the Driver sole discretion. It is imperitive that the Customer should declare the exact amount of luggage they intend on travelling with.


Viptransfer accepts no responsibility for delays due to reasons beyond our control (accidents causing delays, exceptional or adverse weather conditions, compliance with police requests, road traffic delays, other circumstances affecting passenger safety, etc.).

Thank you for reading.